Back to the Future – your questions answered

Film fans – Biff from Back to the Future answers those questions you always wanted to know.

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9 responses to “Back to the Future – your questions answered”

  1. Vixx says :

    Only about 6 years behind…

    • andreascultureblog says :

      Who cares! It’s still brilliant.

      • Vixx says :

        Yeeesss it is…

        I guess I don’t see the point in blogging it as ‘new’ is all.

      • andreascultureblog says :

        Err.. I never said it was new. Does this mean that I can’t ever blog a Beatles song on account of them being really, really old and everyone’s already heard them?

      • Vixx says :

        *shrug* You can do what you like… whether or not it will be newsworthy is another thing…

      • andreascultureblog says :

        I posted the video as a little bit of fun as I was having a laugh with my children this morning over Back to the Future, a film we really like. Not once did I say it was new or news or newsworthy. If you like it you like it, if it bores you it bores you.

      • Vixx says :

        I adore BTTF. Blogs invite comment. Go figure!

      • andreascultureblog says :

        Well put. It’s been interesting. Look forward to future comments x

  2. wishartandculture says :

    ah but heres the thing. were six years into the future now. muhahahaha!

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