Sudley Hall


Going for a walk today, we walked from our Allerton home to Mossley Hill and our local fabulous museum, Sudley Hall, and were welcomed by the staff who were friendly and informative.  This Hall was bought by George Holt in 1883 abd his two passions were collecting works of art and free education for all.  The house passed to his daughter Emma on his death and on her death in 1944., her final act of generosity was to leave the house, grounds and paintings to the people of Liverpool.  The house is unique because ot is the only house of a Victorian Merchant with all the original paintings.  It holds many famous paintings in small intimate rooms which made you feel you were looking around someones house rather than a museum. 

DSCN1095  Upstairs there is a current exxhibition of Costume Dram a and fashion 1790 to 1850.  Also a childrens room with plenty of victorian toys and books to keep their interest. 

The house is in 29 acres of land.  At the back of the house, we noticed a fenced rose garden with a sun dial in the centre.  Curious we went over to the sun dial to discover it was a memorial paid for by local residents to the local people who died in the Hillsborough tradegy in April 1989.  A bench in the gard en also bore an inscription to the memory of the people who died at Hillsborough and invited you to sit and remember them, which we did.  A fitting tribute.

The upcoming events in the coming months have something for everyone, young and old and we will certainly be making another visit in the near future.

A nice pot of tea and scone in the cafe and then home to watch Cheltenham races.  Happy days!



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