A Celebration of 50 years of the Dubliners at the Philharmonic

Deja Vue!  It was only ten years ago I was at the Philharmonic at the celebration of 40 years of the Dubliners and was pleased to be attending this 50th year event, how time flies!  The band has only just two of the original Dubliners remaining, Barney McKenna, 50 years with the band, and John Sheahan who has only 48 years history.  Barney’s charasmatic singing, playing and humour came through the whole performance, with John Sheahan reading his poetry about past members of the band portraying their individual characters.  The big screen showed these past members, such as Ronnie Drew and Luke Kelly, singing past songs such as their first hit from1967, Seven Drunken Nights, which although banned by RTE reached number 1 in the Irish charts and number 5 in the British.

The audience was well entertained with a great night of memorable songs and humour.  Another wonderful Philharmonic night out!

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    Sounds great, Ray

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