Champion gets airborne!

What a fantastic weekend! The sun shone and the temperature rose. Otterspool promenade just heaved with barbecues and visitors out to take advantage of the superb weather. Sunday proved to be the best for entertainment for the Northern Kite Group pitched camp and in the mild wind conditions gave the visitors a spectacle. A variety of kite-oriented entertainment was set in motion with hundreds of spectators viewing the wonderful displays which could have easily rivaled New Brighton’s ‘Kites over the Mersey’.

I was fascinated by the agility of the kites and their handlers giving dashing dive-bomb loop the loop demonstrations. The show was so refined that a stage-managed object was knocked off of a youngster’s head by the careful maneuverability of the kite by the handler!

After some time watching, I was handed the reigns of their flagship kite, and it really was! Never did I imagine a kite could be so difficult to handle as this one – it was MASSIVE and guided not by nylon cords, but by cables. The pull on the shoulders as the wind caught the kite and gave it full lift, was in itself painful but full of reward when it gained full flight and the entire day became an incredible and very memorable experience at Otterspool, given by the Northern Kite Group.


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And be sure not to miss “Kites over the Mersey” on from the 9th until the 10th of June at Wirral International Kite Festival.

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    Just “Wow!” Great stuff.

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