Champion completes his Wheel of Wellbeing

In this decade of health and wellbeing, I thought I would take a trip with my daughter to some ‘wheels of wellbeing’ in Liverpool. First stop was the ‘Big Wheel’ and what views we had there! Panoramic Merseyside with the adrenaline thrill of being up in the clouds.

Back to earth and a brisk walk to the Anglican Cathedral which landed us in the middle of the nave lying down on the beautiful mosaic compass designed wheel – a fitting tribute to the architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott who designed the Cathedral when he was only 22! Look immediately up above and you can see the stunning vaulted ceiling arches that are one of the wonders of the world and another circle giving a wonderous glow inside.

A half mile walk to the Metropolitan Cathedral takes us inside and down the steps to Lutyen’s Crypt. At the Chapel of Relics, a small chapel is separated from the pontifical Hall by the astonishing rolling stone gate. This is my next circle of wellbeing. The six-tonne marble wheel is fretted in order to provide a glimpse into the chapel. Rolling open and closed it alludes to the stone which sealed the tomb of Christ.

This was a timely end to my circle of wellbeing walk, but my daughter wanted to continue hers along the promenade to a playground of children’s jogging wheels, with me contemplating the big wheel of Ladbrokes Casino for some greatly improved wellbeing or not, depending on the fall of the dice…

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