Five days out with the kids for a fiver a pop?

I’ve been jolly busy recently with the day job, but now I’m off for a week with my offspring and I thought I’d go for a challenge.  Usually during school hols, my darling children make their own plans and I’m left at home watching Jeremy Kyle and contemplating giving the living room another coat of Natural Hessian.  But not this time. Oh no.

I want to go out and have some happy mother and child times with my little darlings.  However, economic times being what they are, I thought I’d try doing it on a budget; no small feat with my two.  I want to see what’s out there to do that doesn’t cost a bomb.

When I was a girl, my mum took a load of us out every single Sunday to places like Ainsdale Beach and Raby Mere.  She packed salmon paste butties, a flask of oxtail soup and an old tranny to listen to the Top 20 on and, to my knowledge, never spent a single penny that she didn’t have to.

So taking a leaf out of her book, here are the rules I’ve set myself for this challenge:

  1. I can only spend £5.00 a day.
  2. We’ll take our own food.
  3. We will only use public transport as we already have bus passes (this isn’t included in the fiver a day).
  4. We will have fun.

Here are the five days out we had….

Day 1: Museum of Liverpool

Day 2: Garston Lifestyles

Day 3: Liverpool Loop Line Cycle Route

Day 4: Movies for Juniors, Cineworld, Edge Lane

Day 5: The Walker Art Gallery

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2 responses to “Five days out with the kids for a fiver a pop?”

  1. liverpoolculturalchampionrayfosberg says :

    Happy days, enjoy Andrea.


  2. wishartandculture says :

    excellent idea.well in.

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