Five Days Out For A Fiver: Day 3 – Liverpool Loop Line Cycle Route

Money spent: £0

Fun had:  ✰✰✰

Numb backsides: 2

Jelly legs: 4

Frozen noses: 3

Well the weather appears to be completely against us as we try to have five fun filled days out for a fiver a pop.  I’ve even written a sternly-worded email to the BBC asking if they could kindly arrange for the wind and the howling rain to be turned down a tad and a little bit of sunshine thrown in, if it’s quite alright.

When I started this challenge, I had visions of skipping through flowery, Spring parks, picnic basket in hand, having a jolly old time with my lovely offspring.  But the park idea has had to be, erm, parked, as the weather has become steadily worse as the week’s gone on.

Not fancying another long bus journey, we decided to stay local and thought it would be a good idea to get on our bikes and go for a ride on the Liverpool Loop Line Cycle Route.  Based on an old train route that fell into disrepair back in the 80s, The Raller, as it’ll always be known, has been tarted up and turned into an urban cycle route that runs for 10 miles from Hunts Cross to Aintree.  You can do the whole route, or just little sections of it.

Wrapped up ready for a blizzard, we followed the route from Thomas Drive to West Derby.  As soon as we left the urban traffic nightmare of the Rocket and headed down the path, you’d barely know that you were in the middle of, or rather, underneath, a busy urban setting. If you discount the graffiti that adorns the regular tunnels.

The feedback on Cycle Routes UK warns of the scallies you may encounter on the Loop Line, but we didn’t come across any.  Maybe the appalling weather kept them at home.  Anyway, apart from some hardened dog-walkers, there was just us there to enjoy a landscape that was part other-worldly, part a bit scary and part, “Wow! Look as us being all healthy and that.”

We made it to the long unused West Derby Station and pondered at what a sad, yet strangely beautiful sight is was, until we could take the cold no more and rode back home sniffing into our hankies.  I think it might be Summer before we thaw out.

My son regularly cycles everywhere, but my daughter and I are clearly unfit for strenuous exercise, especially in Arctic weather conditions.  Our bums are numb, our legs are barely functioning and we look like an advert for some Super Strength Cold & Flu Remedy, but we did it.  I think next time, we’ll wait for a glorious sunshine-y day and take that picnic basket.

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5 responses to “Five Days Out For A Fiver: Day 3 – Liverpool Loop Line Cycle Route”

  1. Lucinda Antal says :

    Next time – pop in and see us at the National Wildflower Centre – we’ll thaw you out with a hot cuppa!

  2. Zoe Mather says :

    Thoroughly enjoying your posts. Keep ’em coming :-)

    • andreascultureblog says :

      Thanks, Zoe! Much appreciated. We’re doing Day 4 tomorrow. It’s indoors, so the weather can do it’s worst :)

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