Five Days Out For A Fiver: Day 4 – Movies For Juniors, Cineworld Edge Lane

Money spent: £4.30

Fun had:  ✰✰✰✰

Cold bits: 0

Haha! Cold, wet miserable weather! I laugh in your face! A-ha-ha-haa!

We’ve found the perfect Saturday morning family activity for those days when you can’t go on one of those lovely soft-focus picnics and you don’t fancy freezing your bits off like we did on Day 3 of the Five Days Out For A Fiver challenge.

Back in the mid-90s I went to live in a tiny cottage in a little village in Wales.  The only things we had nearby were a pub, a newsagents, a hairdressers that was never open and, of course, a Post Office.  To say we were lacking in the kind of facilities you take for granted in a heaving metropolis would be to flirt dangerously with understatement.

If you wanted to see the latest cinematic release, you had to get in your car and drive across the border into England.  The nearest place in the country that I actually lived that showed films on a big screen was Clwyd Theatr Cymru in Mold. An actual theatre, Theatr Clwyd shows the very latest in blockbuster movies several months after they’ve been shown in the rest of the known world.  On the bonus side, you used to get a proper intermission and a nice lady came round wearing a tray of  ice creams round her neck.

So going to the pictures to see a film that by all accounts belongs on DVD is not a strange idea to me.  I am also passionate in my belief that there is simply no better way to see a film than to watch it on a great, big screen the way the Director intended it.  With a bag of popcorn.

But let’s face it, taking even a couple of kids to the pictures these days can cost an absolute fortune.  So imagine my joy when I discovered that more than a few cinemas have regular screenings of not-so-new, family films where you can all get in, men, women and children, for as little as £1.00 each.

We went to Cineworld on Edge Lane where we watched Puss In Boots for a grand total of £3.00 admission.  Being prepared for our five pound challenge, we bought a bag of sweet popcorn with us that cost £1.00 and a 30p Best Value bag of salted popcorn for my son.

What surprised us was how many people already know about Movies for Juniors.  There were four different films showing when we went and yet each screen was at least half full with families carting their own goodies in Asda bags and lively but very well behaved kids.  It was an absolute joy. We were so happy that we walked all the way home, talking about nothing in particular, but enjoying being out as a family.

We have one day left to go and I’m starting to think that my happy, skippy picnic may not happen.  But we do know that you can definitely have fun together as a family without spending a fortune.

Find out more about Movies for Juniors at

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