Countdown to Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular

Today I attended the Press Conference for the Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular taking place 20th to 22nd April.  Jean-Luc Courcoult, the artistic director of Royal De Luxe, the worlds greatest street theatre company, briefed everyone on the story behind the creation of the event and how the story of this Little Giant Girl unfolds. The Little Girl Giant He reported on behind the scenes work that had to be done to achieve this magical tale on a gigantic scale.  The story is about a little girl from the city whose father was on the Titanic and the reunion with her uncle.  It is one of the most complex events Liverpool Council have ever staged involving hundreds of people in its planning and exercution.  He went on to say what he hoped this event will create civic pride and the importance for the people of Liverpool to have roots belonging to their past. This will be some spectacular sight not to be missed and showcase our great city of Liverpool.  Happy Days!  More information can be found on

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  1. Barbara McGrouther says :

    Exciting isn’t it?

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