Shakespeare, Ships and Sea Odyssey, what a week

Tuesday, got the T-shirt today and the briefing for my part as a benevol for the Sea Odyssey this weekend and then on to see Henry V production at the Playhouse.  Not having seen any Shakespeare before I was wondering whether it would be my cup of tea or not.  What a surprise, what a production and what a show.  Andrea has said it so much better than I could have, but I reiterate her comments.  It was superb!

Thursday, on a mission close to my heart, to visit a museum I had never visited to see an exhibition by a local man of paintings of ships.  The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Slatey Street, Birkenhead has a bright entrance and the staff were also bright and pleasant.  The exhibition by Ted Walker titled ‘RMS Titanic and Other Voyages’ showed 60 some paintings of famous ships and seascapes.  Many of these ships were built and sailed from the Cammell Laird’s shipyard or had history with the Port of Liverpool or its shipping companies.  He also had an exhibition on the infamous Confederate warship SS Alabama built at Birkenhead which caused a major diplomatic row between Britain and the Northern Union States.   The whole story is detailed and brought to life in the paintings and editorial, with the model of the ship sat in the centre of the room.  Many models of  ships, ranging from old ferries to the SS Mauritania were on display as part of  the permanent collection relating to Liverpool’s Maritime Heritage and in particular Cammell Lairds.  I was in my element, a fine and interesting collection!  The other exhibition I also enjoyed was the black and white drawings of Liverpool in the 1800s by another local man William Gawin Herdman.   

And then to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Sea Odyssey, to pick up the maritime theme, with the story of the Gigantic Small Girl. 

Looking forward to this fantastic Sea Odyssey.  What a week!


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