Sea Odyssey Delight at St. Georges Hall Reception



I had the pleasure of attending an evening reception in the magnificent Glory Room of St George Hall on Friday 20th April. The great and the good of the city, along with their French partners from the Royal De Luxe Company gathered to view the amazing spectacular of the Little Girl Giant and her dog by the name of Xolo.

Liverpool City Councillor Joe Anderson welcomed his guests and key-note speakers Sarah Maxfield from the Arts Council, Patrick Guerin, Royal De Luxe and Claire McColgan from Culture Liverpool.  To have an incredible vantage viewing point on the South Portico balcony of this historical building, and looking across the masses of people who had gathered along the route of the Girl Giant and her dog was just awesome

After the speeches,  all guests eagerly anticipating the sight of our giant visitors, positioned ourselves along the steps and plateau overlooking  Lime Street Station and St Johns Lane.  The crowds erupted with cheers as firstly the dog appeared to the delight and amazement of the many children and adults reaching out to touch it; after a short rest moved on down St Johns Lane, making way for the arrival of the Giant Girl.  The mechanical and artistic mastery of those individuals orchestration of such life-like movements can only be applauded.

Liverpool came to a standstill for those few hours as the procession move on towards the Kings Dock.  What an incredible coupe for Liverpool City,  and what way to kick-start your weekend!

Andres blog presents much more in-dept details on the earlier part of this extraordinary Sea Odyssey journey through Liverpool, and  a visit to witness such a creative spectacle over the weekend is a MUST.

For further information click on the following links:

Culture Champion Andre Olchowski enjoying a light-hearted moment with Dean Sullivan

Dean Sullivan and Andre Olchowski(Culture Champion)

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  1. liverpoolculturalchampionrayfosberg says :

    Well done Judy, described the night brilliantly.

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