Sad farewell to our Giants

After three celebratory days with the three giants of the Sea Odyssey it was a sad farewell to them as they left the Albert Dock and sailed off down the river. 

I volunteered to be a be a benevol and was part of the team on Saturday and Sunday.


Paul, the happy benevol


My friend Paul, who I met on the training, done the three days.  I came home exhausted today but so full of the two ‘Happy Days’ I spent supporting the team.  Recognition and admiration should go firstly to the Council for their foresight and confidence in the concept of the Sea Odyssey and then to all the people who actually put this concept together, from the artistic director, Jean Luc of the Royal de Lux and his team down to the those who were in charge of the benevols down on the streets, and all those too many to mention.  Their expertise ensured the safety of the some 600,000+ crowds. 

The event has brought the people of the city out and together in one voice of praise, so proud to be Liverpudlian and to put our City on the map once again.  

A two minute break for two of the puppeteers

It’s Liverpool, I’m Liverpool and I am so proud to be part of it!

5 responses to “Sad farewell to our Giants”

  1. jayhsea747 says :

    Ray, so delighted you had an amazing few days being part of this awesome event!! Yes indeed Liverpool- we are so blessed to be part of the dynamic City!!

  2. andreascultureblog says :

    Love it! What a great post, Ray. It was great to see you, Paul and Jay yesterday. All power to the amazing volunteers who worked their butts off x x

  3. barbarascultureblog says :

    Three fantastic days, absolutely shattered but loved every minute of the Giants visit as you say well done to everyone . So proud of Liverpool!

  4. Colette Forrest says :

    glad to see you doing a bit Andy, see you have met my brother in law Ray, Colette x

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