‘I Believe’ in Liverpool Students and Don Williams

Tuesday again, and I am off to somewhere I had not been before.  After picking up a leaflet at the St George’s Hall newly opened cafe, run by the Liverpool Community College, I was off to follow the map to the Academy.  The Academy is the restaurant run by the students and staff of the Liverpool Community College off Duke Street.  I had heard of this restaurant from friends who sang its praises but did not know where it was. 

The restaurant was pleasantly set out and the attention from the staff was excellent.  The menu had lots of choice and we were expertly served by Abigail, a student at the college.  There was plenty of choice on the three course menu and I  enjoyed all three courses especially the mediterranean fish stew.  I found this restaurant a hidden treasure, good quality and inexpensive food.  This is also helping the young people of our city with their training and future careers.  I will be back and would definitely recommend it. 

Then off to the Philharmonic, I Believe’ in Don Williams and so did hundreds of others who attended his concert last night.  The audience, some dressed in their cowboy shirts and hats, clapped and sang through the ‘Good Old Boys’ performance. 

It was obvious they were all lifetime fans and groupies of the star.  His backing group, who had been with him for many years, sounded brilliant. Don, despite being 73 next month, sounded as good as his records. At one point he had to let the audience sing his song, ‘You’re my Best Friend’ and he was quite chuffed that he was theirs.

Another packed house and another great show.

Well done the Philharmonic!

Happy Days!

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  1. barbarascultureblog says :

    I have been to this restaurant run by the students , it really is worth a visit and the standard is so high .

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