Wave at the Maritime and ‘Now or Else’ at the Tate

I just had to revisit the Merseyside Maritime Museum to see the new Titanic exhibition and the display of the ‘Letter Wave’ sculpture made up of 1000 letters written by local community groups as though passengers on the Titanic communicating to loved ones.  The new exhibition was so interesting with lots of footage of old Liverpool.  There was also a digital display of the letters that the Liverpool communities had written with the original from May McMurray, whose father William was a steward on the Titanic,  on show together with other works created by those involved with the Sea Odyssey.  As Andy had said about his visit, I picked up a passengers’ details on a card going in and couldn’t wait to hear the outcome of his story, sadly I did not survive.  I think I will be revisiting this exhibition before it ends as there was so much to take in.

It was on to the Tate to view the exhibition of  Charline Von Heyl.  The thirty-nine impressive large-scale canvasses and a number of unique works on paper looked spectacular in the spacious room.  Charline describes her drive towards abstraction as a desire to invent something that cannot be named that challenges the eye in an unexpected way.  I did enjoy her work and as some of the paintings were untitled, I could interpret the painting through my eyes.  Charline said that her understanding is constantly evolving and looking at paintings can be an adventure. 

I am looking forward to many more adventures and Happy Days.

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