” A Scouser walks into this bar…….. ”

Testing the water comedy night review,Crown Hotel Pub 6th May

After Saturdays disappointing F.A. cup result I found myself needing a reason to be cheerful and as I didn’t feel like ” something good to study, phoning up my buddy or being in my nuddy ” I opted for route one of the cheer up motorway. Stand up Comedy.

As luck would have it The Crown Hotel in Lime street were hosting a comedy night courtesy of Hot Water Comedy Club who are normally based at ENVI in Fleet street. “Testing the Water” was the name of the event and it promised the best of the up and coming comedy talent of Liverpool.Knowing it was an open mike and that the comics would be “learning their trade” didn’t put me off. In fact in a sad and sick way I would have been equally entertained by one of them dying on stage so win win all round really.

The evening was hosted by its resident m.c. Paul Smith and I’ll give him credit for his skill at engaging himself with the audience.Not entirely hilarious but was a steady enough hand that sailed the ship. By the end of his introduction the crowd were well aware of what to expect and I must admit at that point my previous sadistic demeanour had changed to that of a willing and hopeful spectator.

Eight acts were listed roughly having about ten minutes each (once or twice this may have felt more like an hour but hey they’re learning their trade). Notable performances were by Davey Ash who kicked the proceedings off and who’s routine was tour de force in self-depreciation, Adam Rowe a 20 year Old lad from Dovecot who seemed as assured as any of those famous mock the week types and a comedy duo called Special Needs.Tony Special and Jeff Needs giving the crowd a very witty routine albeit unpolished based on their own obvious physical handicaps which was both entertaining and endearing.

At a price of £3 entrance ( six second class stamps) you were given a nights entertainment and also for me an insight into the world of the comedian and how much work it takes into making it look as easy as it does so I can’t help but admire these small acorns for  their near stupidity at facing the fear and attempting to make us all witness the tree in early growth.I’m almost tempted in a bucket list kind of way to try it myself but I think the world of comedy has moved on from my talent show success at Presthaven Sands in 1981 as a thirteen year old Frank Spencer impersonator but you never know I might just put my macintosh and Beret in the dry cleaners and give it one last whoopsey on the carpet.

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14 responses to “” A Scouser walks into this bar…….. ””

  1. andreascultureblog says :


  2. dushku2309 says :

    Good piece..it was like being there !

  3. Jeff Ryan says :

    Thanks on behalf of Tony Special and myself Jeff Needs for mentioning us erm sort of ha ha. No worries about getting our names wrong. We did say them while our song was still playing so it’s an easy mistake to make. That was about our 10th show so you’re right to say we’re unpolished. Hopefully we will get better in time. Thanks again.

    • wishartandculture says :

      My apologees Jeff for getting the names wrong.So sorry. I’ve amended the blog and I hope I havent offended.I thought you and Tony were a hilarious act and I’ll be making sure I see more of you both.

      • Jeff Ryan says :

        Not offended at all. Glad you enjoyed our act. As i said we’re still new to this and we know some people wont like our material. We’re just trying to show that it’s not all doom and gloom being disabled and we can laugh at ourselves just as much as anyone else.

  4. Lucky Roy says :

    Seen Jeff and Tony before and i thought they were HILARIOUS.

  5. Davey ash says :

    Thanks for your kind words….much appreciated…..my mum might start turning up at gigs now :-)

  6. Bob Monkhouse says :

    While I’m sure you’re a very competent person to be reviewing comedy nights (a link to previous reviews/professional references would be cheers). I think the fact that you have chosen to review an “open mic”, the nature of which being a place “amateurs” and even “seasoned pros” like me (Bob Monkhouse) come to “test the water” without being judged, makes this review c**tish.

    If Simon Cowell or Tom Jones ever need a 5th judge, then I’ll point them to this review.

    P.s. You are meant to hit spacebar after a fullstop.


    • wishartandculture says :

      I’m sorry if my blog got you’re back up. It really wasn’t my intention. I was merely giving an account as a punter and i apologise if this didn’t look to be the case as my motives were to highlight the event and definitely wasn’t to damn it. I’ll take on board what you say bob.thanks

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