Galapagos and the Iconic Blue Footed Booby Bird

The Galapagos exhibition opened at the Blue Coat on the 4th May. It features the work of twelve artists who were invited, over the last five years, to spend two weeks on the islands.  They were asked to present their individual views on the new perspectives on the cultural and environmental reality on the changes to the islands in a changing natural world. 

So I went on the lookout for the Blue Footed Booby Bird.  Throughout the exhibition I saw the photographs of the shores and coastline, the animals, the reptiles, the lists of butterfly species, but no Booby bird.  I watched the cock-fight , saw photographs of the urban environment, the massive skeleton of a whale,  but no Booby bird,  All the sketches of the wildlife, I listened to the hammerhead sharks swooping and swerving but couldn’t find the Booby bird.  And then, nine the magic number, on Channel 9, on 9 televisions, there he was telling the full story of the Galapagos islands from his perspective.  Marcos Coates used his cardboard costume of a Blue Footed Booby bird to give a report on a  television news broadcast from Channel 9 TV Galápagos. Over a couple of days Coates produced a short report that was broadcast during the news. He reports on the human society of the Galápagos from the perspective of a Blue Footed Booby, an iconic bird of the Islands.  The bird comments on many aspects of the human habitation. 

But where was that cardboard cut-out, I so wanted to see him in the flesh!!

This was an interesting exhibition where all twelve artist’s perspectives complimented each other to give the whole picture of the islands.

This exhibition is on until the 1 July, well worth a visit.

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