Delamere Forest becomes Spellbound!

This is scary stuff!

For one weekend in May, Wild Rumpus Theatre is bringing a fairy tale world to life in Delamere Forest. Families can explore (if they dare) three paths of the naturally beautiful woodland, where visual art, theatre, music and dance will combine to tell the story of  traditional English folklore. Families can follow Tattercoats on her journey from rags to riches and see how they fare against the quest of “The Three Heads in the Well” and become  enchanted by the plight of the Earl Mar’s Daughter. Families are free to explore the mystical woodland along the designated story paths (deviate if you dare!) which converge at the King’s Ball in the centre of the forest.

Good stuff eh!? Shivers up the spine in creepy woods evoking thoughts of The Spiderwick Chronicles and big, costumed characters jumping out from behind trees! Experience exciting, raw action theatre with ‘The Spellbound Forest’ – definitely worth a visit with the kids to get their imagination running riot!

During Culture Year 2008 we had alot of groups like this and the response from Liverpool families was good. I recall Allerton Gardens and the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ production. Children were on the edge, participation was a highlight and the adults chilled out. Bring on more of this theatre – we have the audience and the parks!

To book tickets for ‘The Spellbound Forest’ phone the booking line on 03000 680400


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