The countdown to Light Night! Friday 18 May 2012

Have you started planning for Light Night yet?

We have, and man there’s a lot on offer.  With over 70 free events at locations all over Liverpool city centre, there’s something for everyone.  Take your kids, your friends, or just turn up on your own – you’ll get a warm welcome wherever  you go and whatever you do.

All of our world-class museums, galleries and heritage buildings as well as a host of other venues are staying open late on Friday 18 May and they’re hosting a mind-boggling array of things to see and do.

Our own Culture Champ, André, is going to see a live taxidermy exhibition and John, Ray and I are putting together a route to take in as much as we can on the night.  We’ll be posting the details as soon as we’ve got them.

Check out the LightNight website at and get planning.

Hope to see you there!


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5 responses to “The countdown to Light Night! Friday 18 May 2012”

  1. zmaths14 says :

    Sounds great, only sad I can’t join you all.
    Zoe x

  2. zmaths14 says :

    Sounds great, only sad I can’t be there to join you all. Enjoy :-)

  3. antiquityandadventures says :

    our planning starts in earnest tomorrow … cant wait :-)

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