Motown- Detriot Delights!!

Dancing in the Streets– Motown inspired musical production, directed by Keith Strachan certainly packed in a  montage of classic  hits  from the moment the curtain was lifted.

The Janitor takes centre stage as the story-teller, and presents a narration of the many colourful characters and artists that contributed to the history of a legendary Detroit based recording company namely Tamla Motown.   He continues delivering a tale of how Barry Gordy’s dream of having his own record company that showcased raw soulful talent,  became a reality back in the late 50’s early 60’s.  Suddenly we’re taken back in time, and  there on stage appears tribute artists in the form of the Marvelletts, Martha and the Vandellas, Smokey Robinson and his Miracles,  Marvin Gaye to name a few.

The attention to details, that Motown trademark of  immaculate styling of their artist took you back to their heyday.  The Temptations songs and dance routine were” tight” and true to form, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Ruffin the Four Tops routine featured their much-loved  classics.  The  ambiance was one of magical foot tapping,  get ya grove on moments. What complimented the songs and choreography of each artist,  was the stage setting incorporating those large microphone’s of that period, glitzy lighting with excellent musical direction from Pierce Tee.

Dancing in the Streets production cannot fail to stir that soulful part in you, this got the audience jumping and swaying in the aisles of the Liverpool Empire Theatre taking you on a trip down memory lane.  Some of the audience were a reflection of those who would have frequented much missed clubs in the City, such as The Mardi Gras, The Victoriana, Time-Piece,  The Continental, Snobs comes to mind…..

This was my Thursday night out, and it must be said how very disappointed I felt in seeing so many seats unoccupied for such a high quality, action packed, musical bonanza show.  A plea went out from our narrator of this show “Mr Janitor” as I will call him-PEOPLE OF LIVERPOOL bring your bad self down to the show, and all those friends/family who appreciate’s the history of Soul music,  and all it represents for a truly entertaining evening out TONIGHT!!    I second that emotion………..

Dancing In The Street Flyer

Dancing in the Streets (Ambassador Theatre Group)

Liverpool Empire Theatre

Monday 14th -SATURDAY 19th May 2012

Tel booking number o844 871 3071

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