After the brilliantly exciting family “LateNight” on Friday, dashing around Liverpool city center paticipating in as many events as we could and thoroughly enjoying every moment, and every activity, Saturday was equally busy as my eleven year old is thoroughly engrossed in the art of Stagecraft through her many years at Stagecoach Liverpool. She pleaded one night in January to see the full-on musical Oliver. The last Amateur Homegrown production like this that I had seen was ‘Her Benny’ at the Crosby Civic Hall and that was a knockout, so I planned the night well in advance, so we could have a weekend of super entertainment following on from LightNight. The venue this time was my favourite, the Floral Pavilion New Brighton with the added attraction of visiting one of the superb eateries now staggered around the marina and promenade. This gave the evening an almost continental flavour as the weather was pleasantly warm and relaxing enough to eat alfresco before venturing inside the Pavilion with its magnificent Mersey views, for drinks.

Oliver was cast by Birkenhead Operatic Society Trust (BOST) and we were in for a treat as I had heard they were good from several art sources. We were not disappointed as it was a night packed full-punch with memorable songs such as ‘Food Glorious Food’, ‘Where is Love’ and ‘Oom Pah Pah’, with a score and script so perfectly intertwined that each lent on, and enhanced the other. Lionel Bart’s Oliver has become one of the country’s most favourite family musicals with a score that’s melodic and full-bodied. The costumes, music, acting and atmosphere was electric.

The show was gripping right from the moment the lights went down. Oliver sang superbly and Fagan was spot with his performance. With a large cast and live orchestra to back up the production giving a sound quality to die for and of course, a dog for the evil Bill Sykes, you could certainly  Consider Yourself one of the family! that night.

Don’t miss this production when it comes round again, and it will, this has been back by popular demand so many times………I’m glad I witnessed an amazing standing ovation for this production! Well done. www.floralpavillion.com

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