“An artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others” Salvador Dali

I and alot of Liverpool people I spoke to on LightNight found that the occasion provided a good opportunity to track down some of the lesser known venues in the Liverpool art scene and ‘get involved’. That’s ‘hands on’ art and engagement with both artist and materials in a learning partnership that in many cases sparked an interest and yearning to continue well after the night. It was good to see many of the artists volunteering to share their expertise and excitement with what appeared to be the two extremes of age. I could see a growing population at pensionable age (with time to spare trying out the arts) and a vast population of young at the other end of the spectrum eager to lap up the artistic evenings offers.

A night like LightNight certainly ‘kick starts’ alot of people into the world of art, a world they may hardly encounter because of life’s commitments. We need more ‘dips’ into this world of culture even if it means bringing in celeb’s at the Walker again. Rolf’s no spring chicken but the noise of the crowd around me certainly echoed a hum of ‘I could do that’ and they could all probably….given the right opportunity. Opportunities though, are drying up due to financial constraints, educational institutions are closing their art classes…people just don’t have the cash for courses. Yet the institutions are expanding at an incredible rate!

LightNight strove to ‘give art some space’, letting it speak for itself and letting the Liverpool people interpret it themselves. People wanted to join in and become members. Lets get the educational and training art institutions now, to open their doors and give that opportunity to the people, after all, with new building work going on all around the city there doesn’t seem to be a dearth of cash in some realms. The possibility of opening their doors for taster classes in printing, sculpture, painting, drama…theater…music and more must be enormous and well worth it. Our city is the best and its people deserve the best……..LightNight showed alot of people the light in many ways.

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