It’s a long, long weekend! What have you got planned?

The sun is shining and  we’ve got a massively long weekend coming up.  So what plans are you making?

This evening we’ve been to celebrate the Olympic torch coming to Liverpool.  The excitement at the Pier Head was tremendous!

I’m going to finally knock two important things off my ‘To do’ list in one go this weekend, namely 1) see the Rolf harris exhibition at the Walker Art gallery and 2) do Day 5 of my  ‘Five days out for a fiver’ challenge.

To top it off, on Monday we’re off to my brother’s house where the whole street will be having a 1950s style a Jubilee street party in honour of Her Maj (gawd bless you, ma’m) reigning over us for 60 years.  Tea and scones and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.  Bring it on!

So what have you got planned?  Whether you’ll be running round like crazy, putting your feet up and relaxing, or maybe even leaving the country to avoid it all, I hope you enjoy this lovely, long weekend.

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2 responses to “It’s a long, long weekend! What have you got planned?”

  1. antiquityandadventures says :

    Sounds a fun packed weekend, for us we are going to the VgM and then Rolf again my daughter has not seen it yet then a wander around Liverpool. Monday we are going to the Jubilee Tower moel fammau for the beacon cant wait :-) hope you have a great weekend

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