Mirror Fragments: Liverpool Art Prize revisited.

The winner of the fifth Liverpool Art Prize was announced with Liverpool-based filmmaker, photographer and installation artist Robyn Woolston scooping the top prize of £2,000 and a solo exhibition giving her high profile in the art world at the Walker next year.The winning piece of course was (if you read one of my last blogs on Metal) a dead tree surrounded by a sea of plastic forks and spoons, making a strong statement about man’s treatment of the environment.This was the exhibit which gave my daughter the inspiration to decorate the tree outside the kitchen with stainless steel forks which consequently fell off and made a racket which she suggested made a strong statement about man’s noise pollution in the environment. Still, well done Robyn and look forward with eager anticipation to your Walker entrance.

The quiet media styled graffiti artist and painter Tomo, who shys away from the public eye and dislikes a full-on photograph, chatted with my wife and I at some length about his exhibition, which went on to win the people’s choice award. My good lady quoted “his work is like fragments of a mirror, a different world in each piece”. Maybe if we search his work we will see this menagerie of urban strife at odds in todays society.
Robyn was certainly up against some strong competition. Wallasey-based audio and installation artist Alan Dunn who’s recognition in this field has rocketed through the displayed exhibition piece and John Barraclough and Mike Carney from Liverpool-based non-for-profit publication The Drawing Paper. This publication I shall certainly use. I shall now look at art today and ask ‘is it clever…is it original….or just bandwagon?

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    have you been to see Jon’s latest…it is Jaw droppingly brilliant

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