Great news for Liverpool: Arts and Cultural Investment Programme

¡Hola!   ¿Como estas?  Oh, sorry, got carried away there.  I’m currently sitting on a balcony in Spain having completely failed at correctly telling the time properly.  So I’m ready for dinner an hour early and I thought I’d be a swotty Culture Champ and see what’s going on at home.

Well, some pretty great stuff as it happens.  The Arts and Cultural Investment Programme (ACIP), which gives funding to organisations that have culture at the heart of its business, has been busy doling out more than £3 million to Liverpool’s Arts and cultural organisations.

The majority of the money has gone to the big organisations that we know and love so well:  The Philharmonic, FACT, the Tate Liverpool and the ever-wonderful Everyman/Playhouse among them.  But some smaller organisations have benefitted too; from our own beloved Open Culturewhich organises the marvellous Light Night, through to the Lodestar theatre company, which brought us the fresh and lively Romeo & Juliet at St George’s Hall last year.

In these harsh economic times,it’s so easy to see culture as a complete non-priority for many people, and yet for Liverpool, culture is at the heart of the city’s potential for growth.  It’s culture that brings people in to say hello and then when they see what we’ve got, they may well want to come back.  Maybe even stay a while.

I also think that in these dire economic times we need to embrace the things that are unique to the city because these are the things that help to bring people in and build a thriving economy.

So have a look at what we’ve got that makes us special and get out and see more of it.  And tell your friends.

So hasta luego for now. It’s time for dinner. See you soon.

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