Avenue Q – It’s only a Puppet

If you like me, sat for years watching and loving Sesame Street, knowing all the characters who lived on it and forgetting ‘they were only puppets’, then you will love Avenue Q, albeit for adults only.  Me and my fellow Culture Champion, Judy, attended the first night of Avenue Q at the Empire theatre. 

This American musical has a cast of  three human characters and eleven puppet characters.  The puppets are animated and voiced by actors/puppeteers who are present, unconcealed, onstage but remain invisible relative to the storyline.  The storyline is set in a fictional street in a run down part of New York where the main character, Princeton, a recent college graduate, ends up on Avenue Q looking for somewhere to live as he cannot afford Avenues A to P. 

The story told through the wonderful catchy numbers such as ‘if you were gay’, ‘Everyone’s a little bit racist’, ‘the internet is for porn’ and the relationships and on-stage sex of the main characters, Princeton and Kate Monster.  That said, ‘it’s only a puppet’.

The animation and singing from the talented performers was excellent and you did get engrossed in the story and wondered if Princeton would actually end up with Kate Monster or Lucy the Slut.

After five years of mischief, bad behaviour and politically incorrectness in London, the show is on the road and on the Empire Liverpool until Saturday 16 June 2012.

If you want to see talent and humour at it’s best, this is it.

One response to “Avenue Q – It’s only a Puppet”

  1. jayhsea747 says :

    Amazing production, very cleverly composed and acted, covering topics that the PC Bragade will relate to Ray!!

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