Run for your life with Free Running!

Love climbing, love cycling, love walking but what’s this at Speke Hall? Shall I give it a go? What do you think?

Is it a sport? Is it dangerous? At what age can you do it? Where can you free run? Awe inspiring acrobatics and martial arts or just plain madness?
These are the questions the Free Running performance will answer on Freerunning@ Speke Hall Saturday 8th July. If you don’t know what free running is then you’ll find out more here at the first ever free running spectacular!

Awe-inspiring acrobatics and martial arts are showcased in this high energy event! The exhibition highlights the agility and strength of some of the best free runners in the country. Not to be missed! Organisers will show you what an environmentally sustainable sport does for Liverpool and how the sport traceurs/free runners are using it to promote the city.

A high-energy production showcases the talent of some of the best. Prepare to be entertained by a new kind of attraction!

6pm for 7pm performance
Adult £18 Concessions £15 Child £10

For more info and ticket booking, visit

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