Champion touches Olympic Torch and gets a little slip of veneer from history.

Yesterday I was very honoured to be given the chance to hold the Olympic torch as Eddie Johnson a torch-bearer paid me a visit. He was very honoured to carry it.

The Olympic Torch is one of the most memorable visual symbols of the Olympics. It is lit from the fire of the Olympic flame that burns in Olympia, Greece and travels around the world by relay until it arrives at the host stadium where it is used to light the flame of the games.

The global relay first took place in Berlin in 1936. Hitler was in power and he thought this would be a good way to show the strength of his Nazi regime around the world. Since then there have been many different styles and designs used for the Olympic torch. As time has passed, the designs have changed to reflect each host nation’s culture.

The 2012 design which I held, had 8000 holes which represent the people who will carry the torch and it has a triangle shape to represent the many 3’s in the 2012 games:-
3 Olympic values – Respect, Excellence and Friendship
3 words of the Olympic motto – Faster, Higher, Stronger
3 times that London has hosted the Olympics – 1908, 1940 and now 2012

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