Tate Liverpool’s 2012 Summer Blockbuster Exhibition – Turner Monet Twombly

It’s Liverpool and the biggest art exhibition for the summer 2012 is on at the Tate from 22nd June to 28th October.

This exhibition has been attracting crowds on the continent in Stockholm and Stuttgart before coming to England to the Tate Liverpool.   The exhibition was curated by Jeremy Lewison and at the preview he explained why he brought the late works by Turner, Monet and Twombly together.  Their lives spanned more than two hundred years in total, J M W Turner (1775-1851)), Claude Monet (1840-1926) and Cy Twombly (1928-2011), their works described as atmospheric, romantic and contemporary, yet all nearing and reflecting at the end of their three score and ten plus years, the later paintings explores the similarities in style, subject and artistic motivation during their last 20-30 years.

Jeremy Lewison has grouped the 60 plus paintings into seven sections; Beauty, Power and Space; Atmosphere; Naught so Sweet as Melancholy; the Seasons; Fire and Water; The Vital Force, and a Floating World.  Each section has paintings from all three artists.  Some of these paintings have not been seen before, whilst there are not one but five of Monet’s water-lily paintings on show.  Jeremy said that this is an experimental exhibition and he wants people to have a revolutionary experience.  In the end though, it is down to how the public perceives what they see.

I was very impressed by the exhibition.  The paintings seem to compliment each other with their similarities and diversities.  For me, Jeremy Lewison not only brought the paintings and exhibition to life, he also ‘knew the artists’ and I felt I did to at the end of his talk.

Burial at Sea by William Turner

I got to see one of my favourite paintings by Turner, Burial at Sea and Jeremy briefed us on the reasons behind the black sails and the mallard duck at the front of the painting. (Turner’s middle name was Mollard).  I also came to appreciate the contemporary paintings of Twombly and the wonderful Venetian views by Monet.

 A Great Exhibition, and one I would like to visit again.

To find out more visit www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-liverpool

Twombly – Camino-Real-ll

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