The 6th Annual Newsham Park Arts Festival – A fun day out for all the family….

This Saturday 23rd June will bring a ray of sunshine to the Kensington part of Liverpool as we prepare for the Arts celebration – a celebration of all that is good in the area.

This year, the stage is set for local talent to strut their skills performing. Last year we had the event packed out with singing, dancing and martial arts demonstrations which will continue in abundance with much more on offer. We have live music, a dog agility show and birds of prey displays. Commando Joe’s Boot Camp makes an appearance with drama, sporting activities, ‘beat the goalie’, face painting and yes! Free Running!!!

Turn up between 11.00 and 16.00 and get involved. Try your hand at ‘Belly Dancing’, the climbing wall or even circus skills! If sporting activities don’t appeal to you, then partake in an adult education course or visit the NHS healthy support stalls for a blood pressure test, healthy eating tips, anti-smoking advice or just contribute to the many charity tables. If you have time, just visit me and family on the Polish table, creating garlands made from wild flowers and grasses. We are one of the many cultural stands promoting an education in East European lifestyles and can converse in Polish, Russian and Lithuanian if need be. What you make on our stand, you take and the floral arrangements certainly provide a beautiful table decoration.

The whole event is a performing, creative and visual arts festival and having been involved in its early development a few years ago it has certainly progressed well. Its aims are to promote the beautiful Newsham park, raise arts and cultural awareness, bring different cultures together, promote community cohesion, provide an opportunity for artists, agencies and providers to meet with the community.

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One response to “The 6th Annual Newsham Park Arts Festival – A fun day out for all the family….”

  1. jayhsea747 says :

    I really hope the bad weather is kept at bay, as Newsham Park is a brilliant location for such a cultural community event Andre.

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