All go at Newsham Festival and a fine weekend it was…..with an afterthought.

After days of gales and torrential rain and forecasts of doom and gloom creating final cancellations to the Festival world; Saturday brightened up and put the smile on the faces of revellers in Kensington, Liverpool as the Newsham Festival was given the go-ahead.
Teachers from the local Polish Saturday School donned national costume and taught children and adults the old traditional skill of garland making, using beautiful wild flowers and grasses.
Corridors in the Academy of St Francis of Assisi, were heaving with visitors all eager to engage in the many childrens arty activities…computer art, beady beady jewellery making, portraits, face painting, badge making .. all this, along with the many community tables educating and supporting the local population, was ablaze with activity. I certainly found networking with the various Liverpool organisations a learning experience.
Manager Tom Rooney brought along his chef from La Tasca and set up a delicious menu in the atrium and the stage was set in the main Hall for the various bands and entertainment. Noise was at its peak around 3pm with the outside carnival fairground and brilliant weather drawing in the crowds.
The weather held and Wheeler’s Carriages plied their trade with rides around Newsham Park,……the ponies had a run for their money too.
In all, the event was successful but on reflection, my diary at this time last year had a similar cancellation pattern for outside entertainment. This caused so much chaos for me and my organisation last year and even so now with all this foul weather we have been getting, that I am penciling in major events, in my field of work for another time in the years calendar. Events will be organised in a window at the end of May-20th-31st when the weather has been historically fabulous. This time slot in the past has given us some of the warmest, brightest of days for outside entertainment. Perhaps some of the major event organisers might consider some blue sky thinking on this one.

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