Alice Zawadzki – Studio 2 Liverpool

Tonight highlights the arrival of a small, compact entertaining jazz band at Studio 2. The reason for my visit is firstly to champion lead vocalist Alice Zawadzki who is, like me Anglo-Polish and I suppose also like me a musician, but of a greater talent having studied classical violin and completed a jazz course as a singer and composer. She has also starred in the recently released film “Tortoise in Love” – see YouTube.

Her material covers all ground from Sephardic and Greek folk-songs to Polish ballads to Reggae to Joni Mitchell. So, as you can see, with a repertoire like that it commands an entertaining evening at Studio 2. If you remember Sonja Kristina’s singing in Curved Air then that’s what you can expect tonight!
Zawadzki is an appealing and versatile vocalist who sings both with authority and emotion and she certainly leads her festival-ready band from the front, confidently and after seeing and hearing her perform in Camden, she nails a powerfully emotive lyric in both Polish and English.

Advertised as a singer, violinist and composer specialising in Jazz, Folk and various world musics, you will be in for a treat and an infectious sense of enjoyment all night long!

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