The Great British Skate off – Roller Birds intent on raising hell!

If you live it fast and furious, then this might be the event for you!

Come and see Liverpool Roller Birds take on MRD’s Phoenix Furies and LRD’s Whipits in a full contact, Roller Blading battle! Full of excitement, action and adrenaline pulsating explosions as the Liverpool teams literally take-on the Manchester Roller Derby’s Phoenix Furies in a match never before witnessed by such an audience. Doors open at 1pm, first bout starts 1.45pm. The second team hits the tracks with Leeds Roller Dolls at 4.15pm. With team names such as Captain Malice and Ang Meaner along with Nic Dastardly it sounds like edge of the seat full on action against our closest ‘frenemies’!

If you want dynamic action entertainment on a Saturday afternoon then forget about wrestling and wrestle with a visit to Greenbank Sports Academy and I’ll introduce you to Fab Scarlett, Yo Hassel, Ruby Rascal, Dita von T-stop, Mary-Jane Misdemeanor and Tinkerhell! Don’t miss it!

One response to “The Great British Skate off – Roller Birds intent on raising hell!”

  1. wishartandculture says :

    Being a proud yellow Liverpool Roller Birds T-shirt owner i totally agree.It’s an afternoon very well spent and an exciting sport to watch.

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