Vizeasound Hopes To Break New Ground

I remember having a conversation at the end of August 2011 with the young and talented singer songwriter Joe Rhead who had just finished an afternoon set at Heebie Jeebies.It was about Vizeasound, a project  he was a part of , which  even in it’s infancy was already an all consuming labour of  love.Well almost a year later and I’m sitting in the control room of  the newly furnished and finished Vizeasound studios listening to the musical fruits of their labour piped to the reception area downstairs during this the media launch at their Palatine House ,Fox street address.

With the backing of the Safe and dry foundation ( also  at Palatine House ), Joe with his creative partner Jason Neal have now started the ball rolling on what they hope to be a very busy and productive future nurturing and encouraging new talent.

Having heard the sonic potential of the studio I thinks it’s fair to say that the recording quality of those wishing to use Vizeasound will be top drawer but I think what sets this studio apart from the many others out there is Joe and Jason themselves. It’s not uncommon to turn up at a studio for the first time and spend the day intimidated by the engineers ego and “In this business sunshine…….” sullen demeanour that your confidence evaporates along with any potentially interesting ideas. This is a million miles away from Joe and Jason’s   ethos  and you can see it when you meet them. As passionate about peoples potential as they are about music they made sure they had a clear vision for what they wanted to provide to their community;

” Our goal is to galvanise the city’s wide-ranging creative talent and the studio exists to tailor quality services for all, regardless of genre.”

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