Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale

Performed by Liverpool Network Theatre Group and born out of the idea of theatre as a political force, with the power to change society for the better. This group is committed to staging high quality productions, accessible to ordinary people, backed by the Royal Shakespear Company.

The story in a nutshell, to set the scene before your intrepid visit – Two Kings, Leontes and Polixenes and two lands, Sicilia and Bohemia. Leontes of Sicilia imprisons his Queen Hermione and orders the death of his newborn child when he is convinced that Hermione has had an affair with the visiting King Polixenes of Bohemia.

The newborn is instead taken in secret to Bohemia and rescued and raised by a Shepherdess. 16 years later she has blossomed into the beautiful Perdita, with whom Florizel, son of Polixenes falls in love. No-one knows of Perdita’s true origins and Polixenes is not happy when he discovers his only son wishes to marry the daughter of a Shepherd!

There, done!

See the whole production on Sicilia and Bohemia and learn more about what happens next. Featuring a sheep-shearing festival, dance and a BEAR!!!!
William Shakespear’s edge of the seat production can be seen this weekend at Reynolds park Friday July 20th 7.00pm also on Saturday 21st at 1.30pm and Sudley House Sunday 22nd at 1.00pm. The latter may be the best venue judging by this summers weather but …who knows? Enjoy!
Tickets can be purchased on the website or on the day. Prices £7(£5 concessions)

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  1. Andy Kerr says :

    Thanks for the plug – we got some great crowds in the end, who gave us very positive feedback about our performances. Cheers!

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