Alt Valley Community Music Festival Sunday 5th August.

Don’t miss this fantastic free event for all the family, which showcases upcomming talent from across Liverpool, including musicians, dancers and performers.

The Sponsors of this Festival certainly have pulled all the stops out and have a definite goal and a passion to work hard and entertain the fans, bring communities together through music and become a showcase for some of the best musical talent around.

This month sees a brand new Liverpool-live tv, making a new movie featuring parts of the day so if you want to be in that Rockumentary then get in touch with Rich Denton

The festival line-up this time around includes some mesmodic sounds from Kof, a rapper/singer-songwriter who creates music that’s a fashion of inner city music genres, new school flaire and old school flavour, mixed with conscious lyrics and big band beats.

The Hummingbirds, pioneers of modern-skiffle, are bringing a new twist to the Merseybeat sound and Esco Williams…..MOBO Award Winner 2012 makes a sound appearance!.

Cheap Cuts will be on board with their distinctly nostalgic sound of the 1960’s with short, witty kitchen sink sagas set in modern, broken, bankrupt Britain.

The 4.20’s add their new mix of upbeat tempo’d, flute driven, acustic belting, lyric busting songs with Ivy and The Chance bringing her own touch of magical singing to the parks revellers.

The New Caldera; brewed in the back-street watering holes of Anfield contribute tastes of melodies, rhythms, riffs, grooves and beats serving a unique cocktail of Scouse rock and roll mid-afternoon.

Finally, lay back and enjoy Frank Maudsley from Flock of Seagulls giving an appearance with the Splintered Ukes rounding off the days musical festival extravaganza. Have a great day!


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