Queen Elizabeth Liner graces Liverpool

Having been warmly received by Sean Styles at Liverpool Radio Merseyside on his morning show earlier today, I sprang into action, left the Paradise Street studios and high tailed my toosh down to our Cruise Terminal at the Liverpool Pier Head.

Listening to the early morning breakfast show on our local radio station, I knew the majestic Cunard Liner had slipped into her berthing position around 5am,   and is due to depart at 10pm this evening. Seeing this is her second visit to Liverpool since last year, and the school holidays are upon us,  I was not surprise to see so many people looking for the best vantage point to view this Cruise Liner.  I just loved the fact that her livery colours of black and red adorned her funnel which was framed against a fairly cloudy sky,  but thankfully not a drop of rain was present during my visit to the quayside.

Directly opposite the newly opened Cruise Liner turn around building,  is a designated  fun fair area which will no doubt act as a magnet for children, and parents can wander around and view the Heritage Market stalls at their leisure…..

This classy lady had 2,000 passengers on board, all adding to the tourism economy of Liverpool,  and by the looks of several Liverpool tour notices, these passengers will be spoilt for choice.

So it’s  the end of your working day, the children are a little restless, rain has held off and it’s still relatively warm so what are you waiting for?

For further information visit www.cunard.com/Ships/Queen_Elizabeth or Liverpool Open Culture Company site.  Remember she is still here untill 10pm tonight!

One response to “Queen Elizabeth Liner graces Liverpool”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    Judy, I was playing with the uke orchestra there! Great day!

    We must do Rum and Coca Cola with you, a great Trinidadian song! Xx

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