Haggis and Bagpipes Night!

“To really get to the beating heart of Liverpool you have to visit its pubs. There you will find what defines its identity, its history and most of all, its people”

Alot is happening in some of our locals over the summer, so don’t miss out on some of these events. Lovehistory has launched “Roll Out The Barrel” real ale tour pressed as a Time travelling Theatrical Tour.

This I just love! Real theatre going right to the heart of the people, so be prepared to revisit the history of Liverpool in this brand new theatrical experience in your local- Tour details on 0152 546 5514
or http://www.lovehistory.co.uk

I never miss the atmosphere of a Burns Night at the Scotch Piper Maghull once a year so I was taken by Liverpool’s Ship and Mitre’s Highlands vs Islands whisky tasting evening. Usually, the Albert Dock’s Vinea is the location for such a gathering but this one is hosting a malt whisky tasting night upstairs in the beautiful Art deco function Room- well worth a visit for that at 7.30pm on Wednesday 8th August.

The format of the evening will be a blind tasting of 6 Whisky’s. It will be a Highland Whiskys vs Island Whiskys, and a whisky expert will be giving a talk and discussing the whisky’s to help distinguish the differences in taste/smell in the whisky’s between regions, across Scotland.

On the night authentic Scottish food will also be provided by the galley.
Tickets are £20 a head (this includes the whisky…good measures ..and food) with doors opening from 7.30pm with the event starting at 8pm.

I’m often impressed by the array of booze in this place, as they offer a range of 12 real ales and a range of beers from Germany, Belgium and the world. Draught fruit beers such as cherry and strawberry and of course more than 20 different malt and bourbon whiskies, as well as a large selection of imported Caribbean rums.
Enjoy the theatre and whisky tastings……


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