Going canoeing? Then take a……………… Guided Tour.

When I wanted to take the girls canoeing, I embarked on them getting sufficient training at the Liverpool Watersports Center. A one hour training session. That was all it took for them to get hooked and I was secure in mind that all the safety precautions and skills were there. Two inflatables from Olsen’s later….. we owned West kirby Marina, Crosby Marina, the Lake District and the coastal waters of the Isle of Man.

“Pick up a paddle” is the latest offering from the Liverpool Canoe Club this summer for all those budding canoeists. They offer a discovery of the hidden gems along Liverpools waterways on a ‘Go Canoeing Guided Tour’.

A ‘Go Canoeing Explore Tour’ is a leisurely-paced paddle that gives you the opportunity to explore the environment, taking in the local wildlife, scenery and architectural heritage of our beautiful city.
They’re ideal if you haven’t had much canoeing experience and provide a great way to take some time-out, absorb your surroundings and enjoy the freedom of being on the water.

After the girls initial training at the Watersports Center, parties took on a more watery flavour with schoolmates booked into raft afternoons, speedboat trips and sailing tasters.
The Watersports Center catering provided delicious childrens menu’s and the adults rested like lounge lizards with coffees in the ambience of boating prestidge around them. Look out for Steven Gerrards schooner and other notable celeb’s.

Once taken you will certainly be addicted to this water sporting life and perhaps want to join the Dragon Boat team or take on wind surfing or just bonding sessions canoeing with pal’s for an afternoon.

Tours begin Sunday 12th August, Saturday 25th August, Sunday 16th September. 2.15pm
Liverpool canoe Club 0151 707 6777 for details of the Tours.

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