Mathew Street Pestival!

Is it possible to like the Mathew Street festival?

Let me set my stall out now.  I hate the Mathew Street festival.  Can’t stand it.

Over the years, I’ve tried my very best to like this free musical event, but I just can’t.  To me it’s nothing but a carnival of rampant, unpleasant drunkenness against a background of ropey tribute bands.  It’s certainly no place to go with children, and I have tried.  I ended up carting my traumatised little ‘uns bodily away from the worst horrors of Mathew Street itself.

But I’m assured that this year is going to be different. Liverpool City Council in its wisdom has decided to set up an area for families and young people in St John’s Gardens named Strawberry Fields in honour of The Beatles.  There’s a host of activities promised – stuff like arts and crafts, drumming workshops, face painting and an alcohol free bar provided by The Brink – as well as peace of mind for frazzled parents.  My lovely friends at Open Culture tell me that the alcohol-free zone will be rigorously monitored and that they hope Strawberry Fields will be a viable alternative to the usual drunken nonsense.

While I’m sceptical about this, I’m going to stop being snarly and give it a go.  I’m going to take my kids to Strawberry Fields and see if we can enjoy ourselves.

This is possibly my biggest challenge yet, so wish me luck.  I will report back.

Find out more about Strawberry Fields at Liverpool City Council’s website


3 responses to “Mathew Street Pestival!”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    I think you are right but we should give the council its due for at least listening to people’s concerns. I always go but hate the drunken young kids staggering about. This would not be tolerated on a normal weekend.

    • andreascultureblog says :

      I’m giving the Council the benefit of the doubt just by going! I really hope it’s ok.

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