Keep step with me, I’ll step with you…..

Nordic walking, and you don’t need a passport for this. Meet at the National Wildflower Centre, Thursday 13th September.

This event is supported by our Great Outdoors project to get people more active through nature for better health and wellbeing. The walking tours are growing more and more in popularity, costs nothing and makes for a great social event.

Nordic walking is a specific training technique designed, so the medics tell me, to target 90% of all body muscle. It reduces pressure on knees and joints and is great for those with back, neck or shoulder problems – that’s probably 50% of the population right away signed up!
The specially designed poles make it easier to work harder without muscle fatigue.

Go on…Give it a go! It’s the year of Health and Wellbeing afterall.
Meet at the Cornflower Cafe, the walk starts at 1.30pm and finishes at 2.30pm with you refreshed and invigorated.

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