Whisky Fest Saturday 8th September 2012

Camp and Furnace have done it again and pulled out all the corks on this one. This place just amazes me and after the last big festival I managed to break into the inner circle.

The venue is the brainchild of a group of friends who run buisnesses in the city’s Baltic Triangle including investors from Architects FVMA, design agency Smiling Wolf and Elevator Studios.

The group saw potential in transforming vast Victorian factories and industrial spaces into an independent creatively led concept, incorporating architecture, art, music, design, food and hospitality.
I like that.

There are two photographic studios for TV and Film and the Blade factory is the venue’s late night offering.

Ian Richards, manager of the venue said, “We’ve made a village like environment and we hope that people will respond positively”.
Well, I think they have, and with their own brew ale Brown Bear, developed in conjunction with Liverpool Craft Brewery, they are well and truly on their way.

Now then, as a “whisky evangelist” this event will feature up to 150 whiskies from 30 distilleries, as well as old rare whiskies rarely seen outside the glass cabinets in specialist shops.

This is no old mans drink, with rocking chair, pipe and slippers.
Alot of foodie venues now have a mission to get whisky to the people, make it accessible and demistify it with a new audience.
Should be an interesting night.
Liverpool Whisky Fest 2012
Saturday September 8th at Camp and Furnace
Greenland Street

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