“Wolf Red” A Unity Theatre Commission

Wolf Red is a menacing and entertaining piece that explores one woman’s sinister, evocative and playful journey into the dark side of human nature with a twisted story where fairy tale and reality blur.

Fairy tale and reality certainly blur in this piece of stunning theatre where deep in the dark woods, a woman is held prisoner.

But the question arises, is her sister captor or predator of the body or her mind?

Wolf Red is set to be a feast for the eyes with stunning visuals, an innovative set from the local designer Lois Maskell and lighting by Polish designer Arek Chrusiel.

Elinor Randle performs and captivates the audience with Yorgos karamalegos directing this genuinely exciting Liverpool Theatre team.

Tmesis Theatre is physical; that combined with a fresh original soundtrack, new writing from Chris Fittock and visionary choreography will certainly put this one woman show on the map.

Farmaggedon watch out, this one will scare the pants off you!

Unity Theatre Wed 26th – Sat 29th September, 8pm


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