‘A Day of Pleasure’ World Premier Gala Performance

‘A Day of Pleasure’ winner of the National Book Award for Children’s Books opens with a gala performance at the Playhouse Studio.

Stuart Richman, brings this book alive and performs this award winning piece written by the Polish born Nobel prize Winner Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Not so long ago, Stuart Richman was enjoying a rummage around a local Hoylake auction room when he stumbled upon a literary gem nestling in a random job lot of books.

The book, ‘A Day of Pleasure’ was a reminiscence of a boy growing up in pre-World War I Warsaw, and the author was Nobel prize winning emigre Isaac Bashevis Singer who was born in Leoncin Poland 21st November 1902.

The evening before Isaac travelled to Stockholm to collect the Nobel prize for Literature, Isaac Bashevis Singer – a passionate, brilliant storyteller recalled a fascinating childhood full of mystery, torment and adventure.

Singer brings to life the vivid characters of pre-war Warsaw, his own character and the human conditions that affect us all.

Three years on after the auction house discovery, actor Stuart Richman (a founding member of the Everyman Theatre) now 70 yrs old and still going strong on stage, is set to share Singer’s memories with Liverpool audiences through a one man show at the Playhouse Studio.

Polish-born Singer emigrated to the US in the mid-1930’s and penned ‘A Day of Pleasure’in 1969. It’s a book that’s described as not simply about one boy’s adventures growing up but about growing up itself and a “memoir of and memorial to” a way of life lost forever in the Holocaust.

The plays main aim is to introduce Singer to a wider audience and indeed he has succeeded in doing this with me.
I have already delved into the archive and found some novel, Nobel literature penned by Singer, all well worth a read and ordered from Waterstones ‘The Family Moskat’ and ‘Yentl’.

The Playhouse Studio October 4th-6th 0151 709 4776

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