Zen and the Universal Art of Matt Ford.

One of the exciting activities of a Culture Champion is to explore anything arty, go anywhere arty and get first sight of all things arty.

Artists abound, but there are one or two that live longer in your mind.

One of those artists this year was the graffiti artist Tomo who I spoke to at length with my wife before he was awarded the Peoples Choice Art Award; the other was Matt Ford.

Matt Ford, Liverpool’s new city artist returns…… and if you were one of the art lovers that flocked to the Camp and Furnace Art Auction like me on May 3rd, then you may have seen the sale of Matt Fords Inkblot test card go.

Beaten in the bid by…………. the full set going to………………………..
Philip Armstrong and Tony Burke, the Liverpool fashion designers famed for designing dresses for Gaga, and Katy Perry, to name a few.

Just goes to show, you don’t know who’s over your shoulder.

Really liked his work, but the talented Matt, from my home grown Toxteth, has now been commissioned to curate a contempory art exhibition based on the ideals, philosophy and science of Buddhism.

The exhibition opens to the public today and there will be a follow up to the Liverpool Sacred Buddhist Relics World Tour at The World Museum.

In creating the ‘Universal’ exhibition, Matt Ford researched his subject to produce work that mirrored the modern world that has almost fogotten religion as a path to guidance, and produced work that moves away from obvious religious iconography and attempts to explore the universal appeal and relevence of the subject matter he has discovered while researching the project.

His work finally reflects his ideas of what Buddhism means and parallels them to his own simplistic themes of death, love, sex and self.
I suppose that sums up our life on Earth.

If you have the chance, then check out his artwork which consists of 10 screen prints on mixed media, including wood and paper.
Five of the pieces will only be on show once in Liverpool before they are shipped to a gallery in Bejing.

The message Matt gives in the exhibition is Universal, as behind some of the pieces you can compare human potential with the size of the universe. Awesome stuff!

UNIVERSAL- Death, Love, Sex and Self by Matt Ford.
The Photographer Studio, 1 Victoria Street, Liverpool till 1st Oct (Free)

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