Circus Starr at New Brighton Sunday 30th September.

Yes, circus time is upon us once more.
Oh what a joy it brings when dad is dragged up to be silly with the clown.

But, it’s not just the entertainment value that drives people to these performances.

Every year I and hundreds more from the Liverpool area donate and support Claire House Children’s Hospice through the purchase of tickets.

It’s a ticket that gives a disadvantaged child from the community the unique opportunity to see the show.

It’s an event to bring joy, smiles and laughter by being one of the supporters, while giving something back to the community.

If you would like to support the charity and give something back to enhance the quality of life for a child with a life-limiting condition then visit the website

Circus Starr has been putting smiles and gasps on the faces of children for a quarter of a century while at the same time raising money for dozens of good causes across the country.

World class act ‘Red Dragon Chinese Acrobats’ with their incomparable array of acts including, the leaping, rolling somersaulting repertoire of their Hoop Divers to the lavish tradition of the Lion Dance, combine rhythm, gymnastics and dance to showcase also their ‘quick as lightning’ take on skipping.

Their talents continue when they dazzle at Plate Spinning, Hat Juggling and showing strength and agility in their revolutionary Rein Wheel.

This is all for the children of course who scream and squeal Ooooh! and Ahhhhh! at their antics with a live band to accellerate the tension and atmosphere.

Always a packed out arena at this event, with a full audience of excited parents and grandparents heckling the clown along with their entourage of little ones; candyfloss and popcorn to hand.

Definitely worth a visit this Sunday and if you haven’t been for years then give it a go! You may just enjoy it.
Circus Strarr.

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