The One Show has arrived and now so have I. (spoiler alert)

    Little over a week ago I recieved a phone call while on a miserable and rainy postal delivery. It was from the B.B.C telling me that the email I’d sent them only the day before outlining my idea to host workshops for the over 50s titled FIFTH BEATLE WORKSHOPS was not only a good idea but that they would like to come to Liverpool and feature it on the One Shows Community Action episode which goes to air Wednesday 3rd October for a full hour at 7pm. Well you could have knocked me down with a first class stamp. I felt like Sally fields accepting the Oscar ” You like me. You really like me!”

Not wanting to give away how they’re going to feature this new workshop  initiative (due to be officially launched mid October) I will say that the show have fully taken on board and supported everything the Fifth Beatle Workshops intend to do which  is to get those who haven’t played an instrument in a good while playing again and actively enjoying that which they always loved. The Music.

Having someone like Carrie Grant, a successful and well respected vocal coach in the music industry come to Liverpool to present and furthermore participate in the Item is nothing short of a personal dream . It was also extremely gratifying to know that we shared the same values on musics motives and its true relevance to peoples lives which is obviously helpful when you’re working together.  I thought I was passionate about Music but I think Carries enthusiasm is contagious and will be spread throughout the whole collective when we play Live for the program on Wednesday. So have your remotes at the ready and I’ll see you all then.

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