Treasured at the Anglican Cathedral 1 October – 6 October 2012

The Anglican Cathedral, with its highest and widest gothic arches in the world, was the backdrop to this haunting performance of Treasured.  You were guided through the Cathedral to your seat over the gang-plank with the sound of the sea echoing through the darkness, passing the images of cargo being checked and lost childs shoes.  The stage was like a catwalk in the middle of this vast space.  The lighting was subdued and cast shadows on the columns and statues, very mystical setting.

The haunting trumpet playing of Brendan Ball echoed through the space as the projections of sea gulls flew overhead.  This set the stage, with the cast coming and going through the audience up steps onto this stage to tell their story of the part the Titanic played in their lives. Their treasured moments are told through amazing projected images, sounds, facts and places by a very talented cast.  

The Titanic story has been told so many times in so many ways, but this was the stories of the ordinary people,  the story from the shipbuilder  in Belfast and how much this was part of his life, the 1st class maid on board hoping to change her family’s life, the hopes and dreams of the Irish lads hoping to make a life in America and how they were changed by the Titanic’s fate. Many unknown facts were told, true or not, like the cat that took her six kittens off the ship at Southampton, all kept you captivated. 

The use of the projected images of the Titanic and images across the walls of the Cathedral and the strange ariel performance that descended from the amazing ceiling made this different, unique and definitely memorable.   

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