northern dancers ….an evening of laughter, provocation and dance!

Dance, dance,dance. Big dance, Little dance, Olympic dance, Brazilian dance…..

It’s going through something of a purple patch in Liverpool these days, with productions both home-grown and touring lighting up our stages, and city-based dance ensembles choreographing some really thrilling new work.

Many years ago I worked with London Contemporary and Ballet Rambert before being one of the founder members of ‘One Way Theatre’ now Altu Theatre. Having been trained by the Belgrade Coventry, York and Lancaster Theatres, it was a truly fantastic experience never to be forgotten.

It’s here that I rubbed shoulders with some of our household named actors of soap. It was great experience at the time and gave a confidence second to none. A lasting legacy has been an interest in all things dance as a means of expression.

Contemporary dance has always been a difficult one for audiences to accept and still, after all these years I find a dance teams ‘new work’ only to be a set piece of running on and off stage with ribbons or ‘variations’ of colour, usually red, being the only exciting element.

The recent Playhouse dance group Phoenix almost fell into the trap of alienating the audience but bounced back with some brilliant engagement using a microphone and their own voices. This was innovative, and todays audience will certainly swallow and beg for more creativeness like this. Works like this sell contemporary dance to todays people.

Imaginative, innovative, vibrant works that get you to say “Yes, I liked that” draw in and sell contemporary dance to the crowds; however picking the wrong venue can also be a disaster like Knowsley’s Protein Dance which failed dismally to pull in the crowds but sold sell-out to the Comedy Laughterhouse the following weekend having picked the correct cocktail.

Lessons can be learn’t from the extravagant Darren Suarez’s Twisted Fairytales Vogue Ball, with a dance and live art event like no other or The Lowry, with Fallen Angels Dance which hits a raw nerve and produces innovative, original, audience engaging performances relevant to todays society.

Well, will Northern Dance produce the goods with its four pieces of the most innovative and interesting work? I drive a hard bargain and live in anticipation.

Merseyside Dance Initiative presents Northern Dance and brings together talented choreographers and performers from Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, and Newcastle.

On Thursday 11th October at the Unity Theatre, Merseyside Dance based company Taciturn gives city audiences another chance to see the Edinburgh Festival hit ‘Worse Case Senario’.
Inspired by the best selling disaster handbook, the piece is a mad dash through some of the most hair-raising situations you might never have to face, packed with advice on what to do when your parachute fails to open and how to take a punch!

Manchester based company The Mustdashios’ Chips follows two northern girls in sequined pants on a hilarious, boozed-fuelled night on the tiles.
It’ll all end in tears, but with lots of laughs and vodka on the way.

Newcastle Dance City’s associate artist Robby Graham collaborates with contemporary dancer Debbie Waistell on a brand new piece of contemporary breakdance,’A Step Too Far’.
And with that line up I will surely get a laughter and dance combine!. It’s all sure to be a punchy, high-tensity, juicy dance based performance.

Thursday 11th October
Unity Theatre Liverpool 8pm
0844 873 2888

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