Fifty shades brighter……

Yes,it’s a new brighter..New Brighton!

When the sun shines like today, the bikes get folded up and put in the boot for another trip to the brilliant seafront that stretches from Wallasey practically right around the peninsular as far as Moreton, Hoylake and West Kirby.

On bikes, it’s a superb flat riding tour but we sometimes stop off at delicious watering holes dotted along the trail such as Moreton Castle; great for lunch.

Buisness here in New Brighton (and I am a great fan of this place even before the upgrade) has enjoyed a £60 million redevelopment and a bumper summer season.

The story of New Brighton is a phenomenal success story.

Investment has changed the face of the area for the better.

The Floral Pavillion theatre has had a quarter of a million visitors a year and is one of the most successful new theatres in the country.

I use this theatre alot because of the ease of parking, the variety of adult and child friendly entertainments…the coffee and the cakes with a wonderful view from the piano bar where you can sit like Captain Kirk looking out of the large windows, surveying the Mersey from the lush deep carpeted circular lounge. More coffee Sir!

It’s a destination I can go to with confidence, park the car, find a restaurant…….and with Prezzo now taking a further 3,000 sq ft of waterside for its Mexican restaurant brand Chimichanga..what can I say.

Plans are afoot. One of the restaurant managers I was speaking to tells me that they will include a massive ‘lido’ adventure play area for youngsters and a Championship Miniature Golf course based on famous golf courses around the world.

Marine Point though just gets busier every time I go there, so the whole area is definitely tempting people back, lets hope they keep on coming with some more variety to sustain the community planning vision of….lovely beaches…..fort….lighthouse….promenade……..

It’s another Merseyside regeneration success with visitors flocking to the supermarket, new restaurants, hi-tech cinema, casino, Floral Pavillion and above all the beaches.

I took a stroll along the shoreline from Wallasey, around the fort with its rockpools and onto the Moreton stretch. The beach was a delight to walk on and are at their cleanest.

Work is underway building the biggest indoor play area of its kind in the UK. The new £1.8m “family entertainment centre” Bubbles ‘World of Play’ will occupy a massive space at Marine Point.
The developers plan to install an innovative play frame five tiers high with an area play room for more than 450 children. This is being described in the press as being “The Best Play Area in the World”.

Gloplay plan to offer a large baby and toddler section, and four party rooms offering a variety of food and drink and outdoor activities, opening in early 2013.

If you haven’t ventured across the water then do, you will not be disappointed. I’ve just had a great afternoon.

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