Ottersghoul! An Adrenaline Rush….Scream!!! Scream!!!! Scream!!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! I’ve found the perfect….utterly…perfect frightener this Halloween.
This one is just a bit too far ….right on the edge …but legal.
A scare like no other with promises fulfilled.

Adults and teenagers can dash along darkened alleys in a maze set to confuse your mind and disorientate your body, as well as death defying drops and leaps of faith from the overlooking tower…….but while all this is on your mind, witches, goblins, ghosts, and tormentors are on hand to send you in the wrong direction, jumping out on you unexpectedly and generally creating a sinister, nerve wrecking atmosphere.

This is not for the faint hearted!!!!

You need bravery on your side to make it to the end.

This certainly has it with the scareactors on high wires, terrifying visitors and all with special effects thrown in to intensify the action.

Those who want to combine a spooky Halloween Tour with a bit of adrenaline can turn to Active Adventures for a fun alternative to trick or treating.

This place really gives the fright factor full on FEAR sevice with a twisted combination of the live scareactors, special effects and immersive horror environments which create a ‘four dimensional’ assault on the senses.

You are ‘BOUND’ to scream!

Created by the minds at Active Adventures, ‘Ottersghoul’ promises to fright and delight you by a special theming of the course to suit you.

Regain your sanity in the fright bar….
for those who will be hungry after all that screaming, they can tickle their taste buds with the evil barbeque on site or get back to normality in the comfort of the on-site cafe.

Book asp: Active Adventures 0151 494 3044
and tell the tale.

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